Banh Mi token Bánh Mì Token

Bánh Mì Token ($BANHMI)

The token that's as packed with flavor as Vietnam's national street food.

From the bustling streets of Vietnam to the blockchain, Bánh Mì token embodies the vibrant spirit of Vietnam.

Banh Mi

Buy $BANHMI token

1 SOL = 10000 $BANHMI

Send SOL (Solana) to the address


$BANHMI will be airdropped to your wallet once token sale ends (< April, 01).

Banh Mi

Reasons to buy $BANHMI

Embrace Vietnamese Culture

Invest in a token that's a tribute to Vietnam's rich heritage and its most iconic street food, bringing the essence of Vietnamese culture to the global stage.

Support Charitable Causes

Join us in our commitment to community giving, with 5% of our total token supply and 1% from each transfer dedicated to feeding those in need through free Bánh Mì giveaways.


Exclusive Access to Baby Bánh Mì NFTs

Dive into the future with early access to the Baby Bánh Mì gamified token and NFT collection. A playful, yet valuable assortment celebrating the joyous spirit of Vietnamese street food culture. Be part of this unique digital journey, where each NFT not only represents artistic creativity but also opens doors to engaging experiences and community rewards.

coming soon

Future Access to Street Food NFTs

Be part of the next big wave in digital art with future access to an exclusive Street Food NFT Collection. A celebration of culinary artistry is coming to the blockchain, offering a unique experience for Bánh Mì token holders. Await the unveiling of a world where the flavors of the street are captured forever in NFT form.

coming soon
Banh Mi

Feeding Futures: Bánh Mì Token's Charitable Heart

Every bite of Bánh Mì token carries the warmth of giving back.

We dedicate 5% of our total token supply and 1% from each transfer to feed those in need. Our mission extends beyond the blockchain, directly into the hands of communities with free Bánh Mì giveaways and more.

Join us in sowing seeds of generosity and growth—because together, we make prosperity deliciously meaningful.






1% charity, 1% marketing




When will I receive my tokens?

Tokens are scheduled to be airdropped to your wallet after the token sale concludes, with all distributions completed by no later than April 1st.

What's the contract address for the token?


What's your fundraising goal, and what happens if it's not met?

Our target is to raise 6000 SOL. Should we raise less, we will still proceed as planned, adjusting the token supply to maintain the integrity of our tokenomics.

Are there any rewards for supporters?

Absolutely! We will reward our most active shillers and supporters. To participate, follow our social media channels, spread the word, and stay alert for more tasks and reward opportunities that will be announced. Let's do this together!

Banh Mi token

Bánh Mì Token: A Flavorful Journey